Ellen is a sought-after partner in designing tech-related events and programs due to her inclusive and innovative approach to projects.

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Who we are

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Story Room specializes in designing and implementing powerful, tailor-made, and relevant incubation and acceleration projects for local and international partners. 

Founded in 2017, we help corporates and multi-nationals to understand and engage with local technology start-ups, particularly those in emerging markets. The objective is to foster innovation. Building bridges between these two often polarized worlds is what we do best, and we do this by using the stories from both sides as building blocks for tangible, impactful and lasting innovative partnerships.

What we do

Story Room offers a universal platform that allows for the transfer of ideas, skills and resources with the objective of fostering innovation between multinationals, large companies and tech start-ups form emerging regions. 

Being an international agency rooted in Africa gives us best of both worlds: we are experts on what is happening on the ground from a tech point of view, particularly on the continent, whilst seeing the broader, global picture in terms of innovation trends and needs.

Our innovation and impact services range from enterprise development; mentorship & coaching; and training & development to strategic innovation management; incubation/accelerator programme design, and monitoring & evaluation.


Fostering connections that have a tangible impact

As global innovation co-creators rooted in Africa, Story Room designs projects that connect tech start-ups, corporates and communities. The key intention is to foster collaboration, innovation, and lasting growth. We don’t believe in doing anything that does not create a profound and tangible impact.

We design our projects and strategies to meet your unique needs.

Authentic connections are at the root of our and your success.

Innovative adaptability and agility are key to any business’ survival.

Our goal is to foster a lasting positive change to social challenges.

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What they say about us

Humble, relatable and bringing out the best in anyone she works with, Ellen inspired them to see their work in a new light.

Carolina, IDIA

I can account that the energy that Ellen brings to a project spurred me into inviting her to talk to my graduate students.

Prof Chux Iwu Gervase, CPUT

Her genuineness and sincerity makes it such a pleasure to work with her as she often follows an open culture of working.

Mmaki Jantjies, Inspiring Fifty

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